Six Dancers. Three Rivers. Two Confluences. One Dance.


Con·flu·ence (kon-floo-uh-ns) noun 1. a place where two rivers or streams join to become one 2. a situation in which two things come together or happen at the same time

Confluence is a dance film and website involving six dancers at two confluences, the Mississippi-Minnesota and the Mississippi-St. Croix Rivers. There are three dancers at each confluence, separated by water.  All six dancers begin together as a sextet at the tip of Pike Island, where the Minnesota River joins the Mississippi. After performing together, they travel by boat or car to their own separate sites.

Later that day, at the same moment, the dancers perform in unison yet physically separated. There is a power to time - these dancers “ride the wave of time” to connect the geographical dots.  This project involves two points of view: the traditional outside-eye camera footage we called the “third person” view, and secondly a small camera strapped to the left  hand of each dancer, thus providing a “first person” perspective. 

A happy confluence of dance and rivers.  

Marylee Hardenbergh · Artistic Director

Marylee Hardenbergh has been creating site-specific performances for 30 years in different geographical regions including the Mississippi River, Bosnia, Russia and Israel. She trained with Irmgard Bartenieff and also direct Movement Choirs. She has won numerous awards, among them a Soros Grant, and NEA Choreographer Fellowship, repeated McKnight Fellowships and MRAC grants and was selected to be the keynote speaker at the American Dance Therapy Association’s national conference. She recently moved to the artists’ lofts at the A Mill.

Nathan Gebhard · Videographer

Nathan Gebhard is an interdisciplinary performance artist driven by the curiosities that tickle the human soul. He makes art to breathe, commune, learn, mourn, and celebrate the residue of everyday life. In 2014, he graduated from Hamline University with a BA in Theatre Arts & Digital Media Arts. When he's not busy making art, he enjoys baking bread and playing in the snow.

Mary Rohe · Videographer 

Mary Rohe has been creating video films for over eight years. She has edited many films including the full-length Global Water Dances film, the grant-award Bethesda Beat film, Green Dance, Solstice River and 5 Ages Dancing.


Nick Neary · Web Designer 

Nick Neary is a Minneapolis-based graphic designer and marketing consultant with 10 years of professional experience assisting creative people advance their artistic pursuits.

Marylee Hardenbergh is a fiscal year 2015 recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature; and by a grant by the National Endowment for the Arts.